GlycoBiology Summer School

GlycopharmPosterWebThe University of Minho and CBMA invite Master and PhD students, as well as Post-Docs, to join the GlycoBiology Summer School (23-25 September) taking place in Braga, Portugal. 

This Summer School, which aims to be a joint learning event with participations of lecturers from 4 ITNs on GlycoBiology: Glycopharm, Immunoshape, Gastric Glyco Explorer and GlycoPar. In brief, the topics of the Summer School are:

  • Glycobiology of Cancer
  • Carbohydrate Immunomodulators
  • Structural Glycopharmaceutics
  • Parasite Glycobiology

The Summer School will further include a Workshop on managing R&D at enterprise level and on Intelectual property in a EU funding context.

The invited speakers, seminars' schedule and fees are presented below. Further detail will be added as soon as possible.


Prof. Hans-Joachim GabiusHans-Joachim Gabius

Lehrstuhl für Physiologische Chemie, Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich (DE), Glycopharm

Unable to come to the event.

Dolores SolisDolores Solis

Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas & Institute of Physical Chemistry "Rocasolano" - CSIC (ES), Glycopharm

Title: Essentials of lectin-ligand interactions: a galectins' perspective

Cândida LucasCândida Lucas

CBMA (Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology) - University of Minho (PT), Glycopharm

Title: Glycoside structure of extracellular matrix from yeast

Ana PretoAna Preto

CBMA (Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology) - University of Minho (PT), Glycopharm

Title: Unveil the role of mutated KRAS signaling in colorectal carcinoma: towards identification of new molecular targets

João RodriguesJoão Rodrigues

IMM (Institute of Molecular Medicine) - University of Lisbon (PT), GlycoPar

Title: Sweet Parasites: Insights from functional glycomics

Alvaro Acosta-SerranoAlvaro Acosta-Serrano

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (UK), GlycoPar

Title: Glycobiology of neglected tropical diseases: new lessons from old problems

Christine NeupertChristine Neupert

Chief Technology Officer at Malcisbo AG (CH), GlycoPar

Title: Novel vaccines for veterinary use

Niels ReichardtNiels Reichardt

Centre for Cooperative Research in Biomaterials - CIC biomaGUNE (ES), Immunoshape

Title: Chemical Glycobiology of N-glycans: Tools and Applications

Reinhard Schwartz-AlbiezReinhard Schwartz-Albiez

German Cancer Research Center – DKFZ (DE), Immunoshape

Unable to come to the event.

Dr. Celso ReisCelso Reis

IPATIMUP - Institute of Molecular Pathology and Immunology at the University of Porto (PT), Gastric Glyco Explorer

Title: Glycosylation in cancer. Molecular functions and clinical applications

Michelle YegresMichelle Yegres

Roche Diagnostics GMBH (DE), Glycopharm

Title: Monoclonal Antibodies: from the bench to the market

Simão SoaresSimão Soares

Chief Exective Officer at Silico-Life (PT), GlycoPar

Title: Glycopar: a company perspective of a glycobiology ITN

Dr. Joana SantosJoana Santos

Patent Examiner at INPI - National Institute for Intellectual Property (PT)

Title: Patents on Biotechnology

The GlycoBiology Summer School will be held from the 23rd to 25th of September 2015.

The schedule is presented below and can be downloaded for offline viewing.


Click to Download the Summer School Program


GlycoBiology Summer School - Schedule

SEPTEMBER 23 (Wedn.)   SEPTEMBER 24 (Thurs.)   SEPTEMBER 25 (Fri.)
    09:00 | Filipa Marcelo   09:00 | Cândida Lucas
09:30 | Opening Session    
10:00 | Francisco Corzana   10:00 | Ana Preto    10:00 | João Rodrigues
11:00 | Coffee-Break   11:00 | Coffee-Break   11:00 | Coffee-Break
11:30 | Angelina Palma   11:30 | Celso Reis   11:30 | Discussion on funding applications / opportunities
12:30 | Lunch   12:30 | Lunch   12:30 | Closing Session
14:00 | Dolores Solis   Workshop on Private R&D and Intellectual Property

14:00 | Joana Santos
14:40 | Michele Yegres
15:20 | Simão Soares
  13:00 | Lunch
15:00 | Niels Reichardt    
16:00 | Coffee-Break   16:00 | Coffee-Break  
16:30 | Christine Neupert   16:30 | Alvaro Acosta-Serrano  
17:30 | End of 1st day   17:30 | End of 2nd day  
    18:30 | Museum Tour & Summer School Dinner  

mdds1The Summer School Dinner will be held inside the archaeological Museum D. Diogo de Sousa, and participants will have a guided tour of the museum prior to having dinner.

The private museum tour starts at 18:30h and dinner will be served one hour later.


Archaeological Museum D. Diogo de Sousa 

mdds2The museum's name is associated with the Archbishop Diogo de Sousa (1461-1532), responsible for important measures of the urban redevelopment in Braga and for gathered the oldest archaeological remains of this city in this place. The Museum was established in 1918 as a museum of archeology and general art, as in order to prevent the dispersion of local heritage held by individuals and other institutions.

In 1980, with its revitalizing, the mission of the Museum was redefined as a scientific and cultural place in disciplinary archeology context, going to perform their basic activities in the areas of support for research, museology, cultural dissemination, support to education and the protection and preservation of the regional archaeological heritage.


R. dos Bombeiros Voluntários, Braga, Portugal

GPS: 41.546847, -8.427615

Below is the information regarding each category of participation in this event and respective fee.


Registration Categories Meeting* + Summer SchoolOnly Summer School
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Meeting Documentation

Meeting Coffee-Breaks

Meeting Lunches

Meeting Dinner 


Summer School Documentation

Summer School Coffee-Breaks

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Summer School Dinner

Fee (23% VAT included) 



*Participation in Glycopharm Meeting is exclusive to consortium members.