mdds1The Summer School Dinner will be held inside the archaeological Museum D. Diogo de Sousa, and participants will have a guided tour of the museum prior to having dinner.

The private museum tour starts at 18:30h and dinner will be served one hour later.


Archaeological Museum D. Diogo de Sousa 

mdds2The museum's name is associated with the Archbishop Diogo de Sousa (1461-1532), responsible for important measures of the urban redevelopment in Braga and for gathered the oldest archaeological remains of this city in this place. The Museum was established in 1918 as a museum of archeology and general art, as in order to prevent the dispersion of local heritage held by individuals and other institutions.

In 1980, with its revitalizing, the mission of the Museum was redefined as a scientific and cultural place in disciplinary archeology context, going to perform their basic activities in the areas of support for research, museology, cultural dissemination, support to education and the protection and preservation of the regional archaeological heritage.


R. dos Bombeiros Voluntários, Braga, Portugal

GPS: 41.546847, -8.427615